Part time/ interim CFO
Rankin McKenzie provides experienced CFOs to be the trusted right hand of your CEO in providing strategic financial guidance to your management team. Interim or part-time, our seasoned CFOs deliver the expertise to achieve the growth and future success you are looking for.
Part-time/ interim Controller
Accounting is a strategic asset not just an administrative duty. Our part-time/ interim Controllers manage everyday accounting but also have qualifications and experience you can rely on for quality financial information to make informed decisions.
Capital and equity fundraising services
Securing capital and equity fundraising is a crucial activity for any business. An experienced and trusted CFOs plays a pivotal role in building investor confidence to secure the right investment.

Financial expertise when you need it

Rankin McKenzie is a trusted provider of high-quality and cost-effective financial personnel. We are your CFO or Controller — we work as if we are on staff. Our flexible service ensures you have the right people when you need them. That means you can focus on what matters… growing your business and taking it to the next level; to the point where you transition to a full time resource.

We help companies in all sectors, of all sizes, and at all lifecycle stages – focusing on the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and The Triangle region of North Carolina.


  • "I originally hired my RM Controller to help transition the company from a family run business to a corporate entity and for an eventual exit or recapitalization. He led several initiatives related to establishing new accounting procedures and changing accounting methods. He also supported me executing on the big-picture strategy and changes that were company-wide. My RM Controller was a member of my executive team and I found him to be trusted and reliable adviser to me in both tactical and strategic operations." 
    Emergency Technologies, Inc., Kyle Breischaft, former President & CEO
  • ‘A valuable asset to Fast Lane’ is how you would describe our RM Controller.  Assisting our accounting department in all aspects of our accounting procedures for the last six years, she is always dependable, knowledgeable, and accessible.  Fast Lane’s continuous growth and addition of new revenue opportunities in multiple countries equates to the need of a controller who can be available to answer questions at any time throughout the work week as well as coming into our office unexpectedly when problems arise.  She is someone we can depend on to guide us in our following of GAAP.  Our RM Controller pays great attention to detail, focusing on all issues, whether large or small.  The commitment to excellent service to Fast Lane is greatly appreciated and an important component of our company’s success.”
    Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services, Patty Gause, Accounting Manager Inc.
  • “Our controller has been instrumental in setting up our company. She has been key in setting up and managing accounting procedures and has provided substantial help with regards to managing federal contracts and the resulting compliance issues. Her work is timely and precise and she has always been very responsive whenever I've had questions and concerns, both large and small.”
    SCALGO USA, Thomas Mølhave, CEO
  • “Rankin McKenzie’s Partner has served as our CFO since we closed our first funding. She handles our G&A functions, including financial management, financial preparation for our tax accountant , insurance and benefits, such that I can focus on Sarda’s customers, products and technology. She’s very efficient and a pleasure to work with.”
    Sarda Technologies, Inc., Bob Conner, CEO
  • "Our current RM Controller worked for Kudos Information Inc, from 2002 to 2005, first of all as an external consultant and then as a full time employee. Her role was effectively to function as our CFO. She provided all our accounting and financial needs including the creation of the monthly management accounts. She was a great person to have in the company, very much part of the team.  She is a very detailed and accurate accountant and at the same time a very positive person. If ever the opportunity arose, I would have no hesitation in employing her again."
    Anfield Inc., Ken Moore, CEO
  • “The short answer is that our RM Controller is the best "consultant" I've ever had the pleasure to work with. First and foremost, she's extremely smart.  A person doesn't need to work with her very long to realize that. Her consistently positive attitude is contagious. It didn't matter if things are going well or if we're struggling a bit, she always radiates the feeling that everything will be just fine. We always feel that we are, to borrow a phrase, "in good hands".  And we always are. Our RM Controller fit in extremely well with our staff. She is instantly likable and always does her best to minimize interruptions to employees' time.  She's very organized and always comes to meetings well-prepared.  Working with her always feels more like a personal, friend-to-friend type of relationship than simply a business. To summarize, her top-notch business and interpersonal skills are second to none and I've learned a great deal from her on both fronts.  She does excellent work and is truly a pleasure to work with.  Paragon is in a much sounder financial position now as a direct result of her efforts.” Gary Kirk, Former CEO Paragon Application Systems
    Paragon Application Systems, Gary Kirk, Former CEO
  • “Rankin McKenzie matched our growing company with a Controller who was right for us...."   
    USfalcon Inc., Pete von Jess, CEO
  • NCEPS completed a state employment audit and passed with flying colors thanks to our Rankin McKenzie Controller. In fact, the auditors visit was very short as she was so impressed with our books and records. We have been very pleased with our RM resource and feel like she is an integral part of our team.  We have enjoyed your support and look forward to a continued strong relationship.
    North Carolina Elderly Psychiatric Services, PLLC, Stephen Mangano, COO
  • By engaging Rankin-McKenzie, we have gained a dedicated executive who knows and is passionate about our business. As a result of his performance, he has become a critical member of our management team and the company. Rankin-McKenzie has been a long-term member of our executive team and proven to be essential in helping our business develop and grow.
    Drug Safety Alliance, Inc., Catherine C. Stokes, MS-President and CEO
  • It’s been a few months since Rankin McKenzie’s time with SFLA ended and I wanted to share with you how extremely satisfied we were with your controller and her work.  She settled in quickly and accomplished a great deal.  The added bonus was that she quickly assimilated into our team and everyone enjoyed her presence.  We were very pleased with the arrangement and will call your firm again should the need arise.
    SFL+a Architects, Mike Wawrzyniak, Director of Operations & Marketing

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